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I’m Maddi, a plant mum, hobby collector, nature obsessor, doodler and last but definitely not least a designer. I've recently completed my degree in Graphic Design at the University of Hertfordshire where I developed many of my skills, such as problem-solving, conceptual thinking and time management, and found a big spot in my heart for branding. When it comes to projects I am always adaptable and willing to learn and improve new skills and take them on with passion, determination and enthusiasm, with a smidge of fun ;) 

When I'm not designing I’m probably exploring the outdoors, taking care of the jungle in my room or creating some sort of cursed object from clay.  That's if I'm not hanging out with my mates at one of our infamous boardgame nights. 

- Design Internship at Catalyst Creative (AUG-SEP 2022)
- Live briefs for
Catalyst Creative, D&AD and Studio Moross

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