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Catalyst Creative Internship Project

- Branding
- Visual Identity
- Motion


During my internship at Catalyst Creative I was tasked to create brands for some of the other people that work there. So I was given one of the directors Stu, to get to know him better I asked him some questions about himself and the key idea was born, from his love for barbequing. 

So I created Barbestu a BBQ food van brand. I wanted the brand to feel modern and appealing to a wide variety of peopl
e. I used one of his favourite colours orange as the key colour of the brand.  Stu describes himself as a simple man who loves to BBQ, so I didn't want it to feel over complicated. I also wanted to introduce more texture and grit to the design to make it feel less clean and polished.

With this project, I used a wide variety of skills such as Branding, illustration and motion, and I am really proud of how they came out especially the videos. As this was designed to be shown on their Instagram I wanted the compositions the work with it and I created a seamless layout for the posts.

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