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Catalyst Creative Internship Project

- Branding
- Visual Identity
- Motion


During my internship at Catalyst Creative, I was tasked to create brands for some of the other people that work there. So I was given one of the designers Cath, to get to know her better I asked her some questions about herself and her love for odd flavours and foods came through.

So I created Cath's Oddities a popcorn brand all about weird flavour combinations. I wanted the brand to feel fun and eccentric, so I created pop the key character of the brand, and to go alongside them I created a series of different patterns and illustrations to link to the different flavours of Cath's favourite foods. I wanted to create a sort of modular design layout so the different patterns and illustrations could be interchangeable for the different packets, this also led to some cool motion design with the posters. 
With this project, I used a wide variety of skills such as Branding, illustration and motion, and I am really proud of how they came out.

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