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University Third Year Project

- Editorial
- Bookbinding


Time to Grow is the personalised promotion for London Fashion Weeks AW 2023. We had to use AI to help our design process whether it be used to generate imagery or text. I created my concept Time to Grow based on the idea of evolving and growing with the times and being able to bloom into the true you.

I used a series of different prompts each personalised to generate imagery, invites and poems within my booklets. The main overarching theme was their birth flowers which worked with the other aspects of personalisation with my designs from the colours coming from their birthstones to the imagery of evergreen shrubs that start with the same letter as their names. They all come together to create a beautiful and personal piece of design. I wanted my concept to be carried out further so I used seed paper as a cover, so they can continue growing even after the event.

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