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University Third Year Project

- Branding
- Visual Identity


Treow is a bar/cafe for the young adults of Barnet, I wanted the space to act as a social hub bringing them together in a fun and safe way. The branding is inspired by the space of Chudy’s. It was an old hairdresser on Barnet High Street and it is more recently known for its 14th-century roof. This inspired my designs and name, as Treow is the old English word for tree and trust.

e mixed the natural textures of the wood within the roof with vibrant colours and fun graphics to create a modern, welcoming and energetic brand and space. The whole aim of this brief was to repurpose a space into something beneficial for the area around it. Barnet has an abundance of youth but nothing for them to do. So Treow allows everyone to come together while leaving the dinosaurs at home, so they can create everlasting memories right at their doorstep.

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