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University Final Major Project

- Branding
- Packaging
- Campaign


Wonder is colourful personalised monthly subscription kits for Gen Z and millennials. The aim is to help fight the fading imaginations in young adults as they are entering the workforce, Workaholics are on the rise and so are the rates of mental health issues. Wonder is there to get them to take a step away from work and focus on their imagination.

The boxes are filled with an abundance of colourful, fun and personalised activities for people to do. Each serves the purpose to spark imagination, allowing for breaks away from work while bringing back a youthful mindset.

I wanted the visual identity to be playful, creative, and versatile so it can be used on a variety of physical and digital outcomes. I didn't want the brand to feel masculine or feminine as it’s all about their imagination, so I've tried to use a mixture of colours, patterns and shapes to do this. So we can plaster them anywhere to create little beacons of imagination.